Started Since 2017

A Story about Kabayan Korner Restaurants

Kabayan Korner Restaurants LLC, incorporated in 2017, is an Abu Dhabi-based master Franchisee of Max’s Group International brands such as Teriyaki Boy, Sizzlin’ Steak and Dencio’s.

Hen Lin
Kabayan Korner Restaurants

Our Mission

To serve quality food and bring delight in every sip and bite

World-Class Brands

Our menu architecture is well-studied to suit our customer’s diverse taste palate. Our ambiance will always speak of comfort - welcoming and friendly - reflecting Filipino's culture of hospitality, one that gives value to “meaningful encounters”.

Capable Logistics

We have teams to support our operations and expansion and you can reach us in Dubai’s key areas.


We value our market’s insatiable craving for different cuisine so we bring to the market the best of Western sizzlers, Oriental Japanese foods and Chinese cuisine.

Value For Money

Our price attracts not just Filipinos but those who look for value offering.

Community Immersion